Consulting Services

There are multiple reasons to bring on consulting support.  Planning for unknown events, needing extra help, or addressing shortfalls in security or compliance, Servadus has a set of consulting services to handle various situations.   Collaboration with our team provides additional capacity and capability,  strengths the security program, and adds a new view of the situation.   

Consulting Retainer

There does not need to be an incident to get the right help, and it is never too early to plan for unplanned changes and challenges. Unlike an incident response retainer, this service is for proactive cybersecurity activities. The Consulting Retainer is available for immediate use or when you need a helping hand. This offering is for shorter engagements starting with a one-week package. This package provides a second opinion, implementation guidance, additional capacity, or general advice.

Project Consulting

Business, like life itself, has many seasons. There are times of exceptional growth, mergers, and modernization. It is up to the company to change business processes and IT systems in each case. The changes require updates or implementation of security features. During the changes, your organization needs the capability and capacity to focus on the business needs and risks while providing a positive experience. The Servadus staff is available to provide the resources to give your organization the capacity and capability to implement security modernization from one month to one year. 

One to One Consulting with one man and a woman.

Remediation Consulting

In the mists of a validation, assessment, or audit, your company will come to a time when there are findings to correct.   Our experts can guide your organization in defining the shortfall, developing the remediation steps, and validating the results after implementation.  

Assessment at a table

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