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The objective of Servadus is to provide clients with a holistic approach to information operations management and its protection, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations.




Our company intends to operate globally to support all industries in protecting intellectual property and private data and demonstrating compliance with information security laws, regulations, and programs.




Servadus was founded in 2020 as a private C corporation in California, USA. The headquarter is in the San Francisco Bay area. The company is a small, U.S. Navy veteran-owned business.



Ron Tosto Servadus Chef Executive
Ron Tosto Servadus Chef Executive Officer



Ron completed his twenty-four-year career as a member of the elite U.S. Submarine Force in 2008 and has several military awards for leadership and resourcefulness. He conducted vulnerability assessments for the Department of Defense’s Ports, Protocols, and Services Management program following his Navy career. Later, he took on a new role, leading one of the most prominent and talented global Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) teams. Ron now serves as the Chief Executive for Servadus, a cybersecurity and compliance consulting company.
Ron has over 30 years of data protection and security experience. In addition to business operations, he continues to be an active QSA with CISSP and CISA certifications. Ron’s formal education includes management in technology and a master’s degree in business administration.
Ron enjoys playing the drums, sailing, and traveling during his off-work hours.
More details on Ron are available on LinkedIn.