SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework v2023

Customer Security Programme (CSP) Assessments

While the CSCF is about the SWIFT community, the CSP design is about the efforts of individual organizations. Supporting the collaborative effort between SWIFT members strengthens the overall security of the financial ecosystem.

Objectives and Principles

Secure Your Environment

Restrict Internet Access and Protect Critical Systems from General IT Environment
Reduce Attack Surface and Vulnerabilities
Physically Secure the Environment

Know and Limit Access

Prevent Compromise of Credentials
Manage Identities and Separate Privileges

Detect and Respond

Detect Anomalous Activity to Systems or Transaction Records
Plan for Incident Response and Information Sharing

The five reference architectures are as follows

  • Architecture A1‚ÄďUsers owning the communication interface(and, generally, the messaging interface)
  • Architecture A2‚ÄďUsers own the messaging interface but not the communication interface
  • ArchitectureA3 ‚ÄďSWIFT Connector
  • Architecture A4‚ÄďCustomer Connector
  • Architecture B‚ÄďNo local user footprint

SWIFT CSP Assessments

Our SWIFT-certified assessors provide a professional experience.   The service includes online project management and assessment tools.    

We provide remote and on-site assessments for all Business Identifier Codes (BIC) architectures.  

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