The PCI Compliance Ecosystem Services

Does your PCI DSS ecosystem support sustainable security and compliance? With Servadus services, you can manage, design, and evaluate the payment card data for your business. 

Why Servadus?

A devoted workforce and the necessary tools are required to support the payments ecosystem’s cybersecurity and compliance initiatives. The Servadus‘ strength is the optimal combination of knowledge and tools. Our services consist of online project management and support artifacts/evidence for the compliance journey. Contact our account team immediately to take the next step.¬†

PCI Compliance Oversite

From a bit of assistance to complete administration of the PCI Compliance program services, the Servadus team has the expertise and capability to assist you in achieving sustainability with more than four hundred PCI DSS standards. Please let our team know where you’re looking for help.¬†

GRC Management‚Äč

By partnering with 6Clicks, we can provide one of the most comprehensive market risk and compliance management products. Management assessment, risk assessment, vendor management, and validation of different compliance standards. This service can be provided in as little as one day. You can visit our GRC page for more information and to place an order today. 

You can also check this blog article by 6clicks: Evaluating the right GRC software made easy: Complete Checklist.

PCI Approved Scan Vender (ASV) and Scanning Services

Version 4 of the PCI DSS mandates ASV testing for Level 2, 3, and 4 assessments. Our affiliation with Clone Systems enables us to initiate your ASV and internal scan services within two business days. This service is a powerful addition to the PCI Compliance Oversight services. 

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Does your team understand the vulnerability lifecycle? Scans are one of the five actions necessary to reduce risk and maintain compliance. With our Vulnerability Lifecycle Management, we offer comprehensive screening and patching options. 

PCI Gap and Readiness Validations

This service is the key to achieving sustainable security when preparing for a formal assessment, PCI DSS 4.0, or modifying a network infrastructure. Permit our staff to give your organization feedback to reduce risk and maintain compliance. 

Pen Testing Icon in Servadus Brand Colors

Penetration Testing

Do you need a yearly test, verify security after an upgrade, or assess perimeter security? Our Clone System automated Pen testing services satisfy PCI DSS and non-PCI requirements. Get the necessary test within three business days. Contact our team for further information. 


PCI Service Provider Assessment

Is your organization providing services that require PCI DSS compliance?  Get the support needed for a PCI DSS assessment for Service Providers for ROC or SAQ reporting.  This assessment includes requirements for all organizations and third-party service providers. 

Icon of a credit card with PCI DSS V4.0 on it.

PCI Customized Approach Support

Organizations ready for the next level of PCI DSS may elect to use a Customized Approach.  Our team is available to join your team to properly execute the development of a Customized Approach.  It provides generation of the Controls Matrix and Targeted Risk analysis then validation of testing procedures.  

PCI DSS Level 2 Merchant Assessments

Level 2 merchants often have questions related to assessment needs and workflow.  Our team of experts helps your organization complete the assessment and reporting with an SAQ or Report on Compliance. 

PCI DSS Level 1 Merchant Assessments

Are you processing over six million credit card transactions annually and looking for an external assessor?   Our Merchant Level one assessment provides an online workflow, project management, and expert assessor to complete business impact analyses, ready assessments, or formal assessments.