Understanding Servadus Core Values

The Servadus core values are Integrity, Commitment to Customers, and Constant Innovation and Improvement.  Our team comes together from diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, and religions, and the differences are a strength for the company and our clients.  We will use these values as guiding principles and are to embody these values so our team supports individuals and company success.  As you review each value, reflect on how you will implement these values in your daily life.  (Scroll to read more.)


In the life of all businesses, there are some great days and those days with challenges.   Our actions on the challenging days, when no one is watching, reflect our integrity.  Most people would define integrity as someone honest and trustworthy.  Integrity at Servadus is also about taking ownership of a situation, being accountable, providing the highest quality services, and collaborating with team members for the good of the client and company.  This consistent use of this principle is integral to how we should be and a keystone for the company.  

Commitment to Customers

The commitment of customers has a wide array of options.  Approaching support for clients with passion means acting in the total interest of the client and having fun with the work.   Our call is to use our experience to help clients and be a good partner available for their journey.  Each person has to exercise being humble at the same time as having passion.  Using a diverse team, we are to work together to lead each other and the client for the prolonged success of the client.  The combination of passion, fun, humility, leadership, diversity, and teamwork demonstrates Commitment to Customers.  

Constant Innovation and Improvement (Kaizen) 

Kaizen¬†is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” Improvement for clients is imperative to have a practical, great, and straightforward experience.¬†¬† We develop processes to learn about ourselves while supporting clients and then work together to improve future outcomes.¬† It is imperative that each person boldly ask questions about all aspects of the company operations and how we help clients.¬†¬† Together we will change for the better each day.¬†¬†

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