Servadus Partner Program

Have you heard the phrase, “It takes a village”?  Cybersecurity requires a collaborative approach to achieve the hygiene to protect its digital assets.   The Servadus Partner Program takes the time to find the best-in-class cybersecurity services for your organization.  

Critical services include governance, Risk and Compliance tools, Penetration Testing, and vulnerability management.  Project management, Business Continuity, Risk rating, and Cyber Insurance are essential for a well-rounded program.   

Collaboration with the right partners allows Servadus to provide a well round set of services without an internal conflict of interest.   How can our partnerships help your organization?

Our Partners

6Clicks Logo

Provides Governance Risk and Compliance Management tools.   

Business Support provider

Provides Business Continuity and Safety Planning Services

SOC2 Consulting and Assessments

Cybersecurity ratings and insights provider

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Provide Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, and PCI ASV Support.

Vonahi Security Logo

A provider of automated penetration testing

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Provides Vulnerability LifeCycle support.  

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