Risk Management Services

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a process that looks for possible risks and estimates how they might affect things and what will occur as a consequence. It meets the requirements of the PCI DSS and cybersecurity frameworks. This assessment is a professional service that happens before the PCI DSS assessment.

Risk Assessment for Business Continuity

Business Continuity

A risk assessment is a way to look for possible dangers and figure out what their potential consequences might be. A business impact analysis (BIA) looks at what might happen if important or time-sensitive business processes are interrupted. Before a business impact analysis, this professional service is done (BIA).

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

The BIA is a professional service that identifies time-sensitive or crucial business tasks and processes, as well as the resources that support them. This service includes conducting a workshop to instruct business function and process managers on how to complete the BIA, receiving completed BIA questionnaire forms, reviewing BIA questionnaires, and conducting follow-up interviews to validate the information and fill any information gaps.  

Risk Management Platform

All the functionality required for improved risk and compliance management, powered by 6Clicks. Features: 

  • Unlimited access to content
  • Unlimited Users¬†
  • Unlimited Vendors¬†
  • Audits and assessments based on requirements
  • Vendor & Third-Party Risk Management¬†

and a lot more. 

Business Continuity Plan Development

The business continuity plan development services provide professional support to:
Create a plan framework.
Organize recovery teams,
Develop relocation strategies,
Prepare business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans,
Document manual workarounds,
Assemble a plan, validate it, and receive management approval.

IT Recovery Strategies

The purpose of these professional services is to develop recovery strategies for information technology (IT) systems, applications, and data. Networks, servers, PCs, laptops, wireless devices, data, and communication are all included. During the business impact study, the priorities for IT recovery will be consistent with those for the recovery of business functions and processes.

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