PCI DSS – Contact Center Best Practices

Servadus’ CEO was named the primary author of the PCI Pal whitepaper, Keep Calm and Descope, in 2018, looking at the benefits of descoping organizational infrastructure to minimize the requirements of PCI DSS. While the message within the original white paper still stands today, the impacts of a global pandemic, the ever-changing threat landscape, and the significant update to the standards themselves have prompted this further collaboration to promote today’s contact center best practices for compliance. 

Again, our CEO partners with PCI Pal to publish a new whitepaper titled Keep Calm and Simplify: Contact Centre Best Practices in the Era of PCI DSS 4.0. 

This paper details on:

  • The many challenges that contact centers are facing
  • The need to simplify compliance strategies
  • Reducing PCI scope
  • Meeting the requirements of PCI DSS 4.0 without sacrificing CX
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