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SAN FRANSISCO (February 16, 2023) ‚ÄĒ Servadus Consulting, a premier cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm, announced the company’s new online store for purchasing online self-assessments related to multiple cybersecurity frameworks.¬†¬†


Most companies have cybersecurity and compliance programs to meet standards and regulations to protect customer data, the organization’s information systems, and data. These efforts are to keep the business operating, protect its brand, comply with regulations,¬† and reduce risk. Servadus developed the delivery method to conduct self-assessments with the options for external validation by the Servadus team.¬†¬† This approach is a game changer for small and medium businesses, and large Enterprises can also take advantage of these services. Companies can start an evaluation in as little as two days after purchasing the service online, and the company can add the support needed.


Servadus is starting its initial offerings related to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) transition to version 4, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certifications CMMC level 1, and a few controls from NIST SP 800-153 r5. The services help determine a baseline understanding of the company’s cybersecurity and compliance status. The goal is to provide an economical method for companies to a simple start to a world-class and effective cybersecurity program.¬†


Servadus has experience and credentials, a strategic focus on cybersecurity services, an outstanding reputation, and a solid commitment to customers in multiple industries. It will continue to offer a full-service assessment program to all industries. It spent more than two and half years developing this new delivery model.


There are already efforts to add all the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires, CMMC Level 2,  Ransomware Readiness, and SWIFT CSP to the list of services available online. 


“Ransomware and other hacker actives continue to rise while the gap between qualified resources and available people get wider,” says Ron Tosto, the CEO of Servadus. “Providing this type of service allows companies of all sizes and shapes to achieve a solid cyber defense and deduce risk from a data breach. Servadus is happy to work with its partners to offer Governance, Risk, and Compliance tools, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Management. We look forward to leading our clients in the best way possible to help strengthen their cyber defenses.”


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About Servadus

Servadus is a U.S.-based cybersecurity and compliance consulting leader, providing a premier set of services for establishing a continuous security program with easy-to-understand processes. Servadus’ mission is to support a holistic approach to information operations management and security from small businesses to global enterprises. Servadus has certifications as a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, a SWIFT CSP assessor for the SWIFT CSCF program, and a CMMC Registered Practitioner. ¬†


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