Cybersecurity Risk Review


Cybersecurity Risk Self-Review Service is an abbreviated assessment based on NIST SP 800-53 r5 using the online GRC tools.



Cybersecurity Risk Review (CRR) Service

The number of breaches and their cost continues to rise.  Small and Medium businesses are companies at the highest risk.  Do you know if your company is at high risk?  This Cybersecurity Risk Review helps identify potential weaknesses in protecting digital assets.  It is based on critical NIST SP 800-53 r5 controls.  The review can take as little as 15 minutes to complete.  It is best practice to collect and upload the artifacts supporting the responses for this review. 

What to Expect 

There are three variations of the CRR.  Companies can complete a Self-Assessment with or without external validation or an external assessment and validation.   For a validated CRR, our cybersecurity professionals review the artifacts, provide compliance feedback, and will prepare a cybersecurity risk rating report based on the information provided.  The Servadus team conducts the external assessment.   We coordinate collecting evidence and conducting interviews.

When you order, the person responding will receive an invitation within two business days from our online assessment tool to complete the questions related to the cybersecurity program within your company.  After the response submission, our cybersecurity professionals will prepare a cybersecurity risk rating report based on the information provided.  We will contact you or your organization in three business days to present the findings and discuss the follow-on steps to achieving healthy cybersecurity and compliance programs. 

Be in the know about your cyber risks with Our Cyber Risk Review. 

Other Services

Please have a look at our assessment page for other options and standards.  We offer consulting services to remediate any findings.   If there are questions on the best framework to follow to the approach to set up a cybersecurity program, you can book time to meet with our team.


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Self-Assessment, Self-Assessment with validation, External Assessment


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